Luke Saves Neverland

By Dan Saltzman



It is the end of a long day of play for Luke and his neighborhood friends. Dinner and bath are done and Luke is ready for bed. He and his friends had played hard all day at their favorite game, fighting pirates. The other boys pretended to be a lost boy and Luke pretend he was Peter Pan. But now it was time for bed, and his mom tucked him in for the night.


Luke's mom no sooner turned out the light and left the room, when there came a clatter at the window. A small flicker of light came in the room through the window left ajar to let in some fresh spring time air. It moved up the window sash and pushed the window up to make a wider opening. Luke's eyes were wide at the sight, but he was even more surprised when a boy flew in through the open window.


The boy said, "Thanks Tink!" and then turned to Luke, "Luke, you got to come with me we need your help!"


Luke, completely stunned by all the going on, asked. "Who are you? What are you talking about?"


The boy replied "Oh, I'm sorry, I'm Peter Pan and this is Tinkerbell." The little flicker of light flew up in front of Luke's face where he could see the pretty little pixy that tinkled like a small bell. "We need your help. Captain Hook has captured all the lost boys. I have been watching you play me in your games, so I know you can help. You have so many good ideas. Will you come with me?"


Luke's eyes sparkled with the thought of an adventure with the real Peter Pan. "Sure I'll help, when do we go?"


"Now!" exclaimed Peter. "There is no time to waste." He then turned to the flicker of light. "Tink, fairy dust." The tiny pixy flew over Luke's head and rained down a shower of sparkling dust on him all the time she made her tinkle sound.


Peter said "Ok Luke, all you need to do is think a happy thought and you will be able to fly to Neverland with Tink and me."


Luke sat on his bed and thought of all sorts of things. Playing with his friends, the cookies his mother makes, the ways his father makes him laugh, but he did not fly. "It's not working!" he said.


"Come on you are not trying hard enough, there must be something that makes you vary happy?" said Peter. Luke tried again, he began to think and think. When he though of the fun he had at Grandma and Grandpa's house, he rose off the bed.


"There you go. You got it. Come on now lets goooo." Peter said as he flew out the window. Luke kept his happy thought and followed Peter out the window followed by Tinkerbell.


The three flew higher and higher. Peter said "There it is the second star on the right and straight on till morning."


"What is it?" asked Luke.


"Neverland!" replied Peter.


Luke watched the star as it grew closer and closer, he could start to see mountains with trees and rain bows over the land that was all surrounded with water. He could make out a pirate ship in a lagoon on one side of the island in the sky, and an Indian village on a high cliff.


When the island was close enough to see the leaves on the trees, Peter said. "We will make for the Indian village, they have agreed to help us." Peter and Luke swooped in low over the trees and came to a landing in the middle of the village. All the Indians came out of their tee-pees to greet the two boys.


The chef said. "How! Indian Chef greets Little Flying Eagle."


Peter returned the greeting and the Chef, Peter and Luke sat down around a campfire to talk. The Chef asked, "Ugh what is Little Flying Eagle's plan to get lost boys from Hook?"


Peter replied, "I was not able to think of a plan, so I looked for a boy that had an imagination and liked to play pirates. I found this boy, Chef meet Luke. I am hoping he can come up with a plan to rescue the lost boys."


The chef held up his hand to Luke and said. "How!" Luke did the same and returned "How, Chef!"


"What is Little Brave's plan?" asked the Chef.


Peter whispered to Luke. "That's the name the Chef has given you, Little Brave!"


Luke thought while he sat on the ground, he took a stick and made some marks in the dirt. "If we can get something to draw the attention of the pirates to one side of the ship, we could have the Indian braves paddle us out to the ship from the other side."


"That's it!" shouted Peter "I knew you could come up with a plan."


"Wait. We don't have anything to distract the pirates. We need some thing that will draw their complete attention. I don't have any idea of what can do that." Luke said sadly. "Maybe if we look around Neverland, we can find something." suggested Luke.

"Right!" said Peter, as he jumped up and took Luke by the hand. "Let's get started."


Luke and Peter flew around the island, looking for something that they could use to distract the pirates, being careful to keep away from the pirate ship. When the two boys flew over a small lagoon, Luke saw something splash in the water. "What was that?" ask Luke as he pointed to where he saw the splash.


"Oh, Those are just the mermaids." replied Peter.


"That's it!" shouted Luke. "We will get the mermaids to swim and splash around on one side of the ship, as the Indians paddle us to the other side."


"Great!" said Peter. "Lets go talk to them and see if they will do it."


Peter and Luke flew down to the lagoon of mermaids. One of them spotted the two boys coming and shouted to the others. "Here comes Peter!" and they all started to swim to a big rock in the middle of the lagoon, on which Peter and Luke landed.


Peter Pan introduced Luke to the mermaids and Luke explained his plan to the girls. They agreed to help so a time was set for them to start their part. The two boys then flew to the place by the pirates' lagoon to meet with the Indians. "All is ready Chef!" said Luke. "Are the lookouts in place?"


The chef replied. "Ugh, all braves ready. Heap big war with Hook!"


A half hour passed before the Chef said. "Ugh, the signal. Little Brave and Flying Eagle get in canoe."


Luke said "I did not hear anything?"


"Ugh!" grunted the chef. "you not hear owl hoot? It was not owl, but Indian brave lookout."


"Oh, yes I did hear that, but I hear a lot of animals. How can you be sure that was the signal?" asked Luke.


"You not Indian. Indian can tell." said the Chef.


Luke and Peter got into one of the canoes and paddled out to the pirate ship along with the rest of the braves.


On the ship the crew of cutthroats was leaning over the rail of the ship looking at the mermaids swimming and splashing about in the water. The men were whistling and shouting at the girls, trying to get them to come closer to the boat, where they had a net to try to catch the mermaids. One man said. "Come here girly. I like the blond!" another said "You can have her, I'll take the red head. Come a little closer." Just then Captain Hook came out of his cabin and shouted. "Smeed! What are those blithering fools doing now? I can't think with this scurvy lot making so much a racket. I have to work on my plan to use the lost boys to catch Peter Pan."


"The men see some mermaids in the sea, you see, sir!" replied Smeed.


"Well tell them to keep their fun down, so I can think. It's not good form to disturb the captain." ordered Hook.


"Aye aye Cap'en!" saluted the first mate.


Captain Hook returned to his cabin and the crew and Smeed continued to try to get the mermaids to come close enough to throw the net over, with a lot less noise.


Luke and Peter led the Indians up the side of Hook's ship. "I wonder where the lost boys are hid?" said Peter.


"You and the Indian braves take on the pirates and I'll look for the boys." suggested Luke. The Indians and Peter snuck up behind the pirates leaning over the rail of the ship. But before they could get close enough to push them over, one turned around to get the net and saw the small band of Indians and Peter.


"Look alive mates, were being boarded!" shouted the pirate and the battle was on.


Luke scrambled down into the ship's hold, to search the ship's many rooms and storage holds. When he worked his way to the rear of the ship, he turned a corner and came face to face with Hook, himself. "Aye scurvy brat, how'd you get out?" Luke turned to run but Hook was to fast and snared him with his hook by the collar of Luke's night shirt. "I don't know how you got out but you are going back now."


Hook dragged Luke down the hall, to a room with bars as a door. Hook took out his keys and unlocked the door and tried to push Luke into the cell. As Luke struggled with his captor, the sounds of the fight on deck between Hook's men and the Indians caught Hook's ear. But when he heard someone shout "Peter Pan" he shoved Luke into the cell. But what Hook did not notice was Luke had taken the keys from Hooks pocket when he was distracted by the fight.


Captain Hook slammed the cell door and said. "That ought to hold yeah!" and turned to go up and join the fight.


"Who are you?" asked Toodles one of the lost boys.


"I'm Luke. I'm here with Peter and the Indians to rescue you!" said Luke.


"A fine rescue, you're stuck in here with us while Peter is fighting the pirates." said another lost boy named Rolly.


Luke grinned and pulled out the ring of keys he had lifted from Hook's pocket and said, "Then lets give Peter a hand!" The boys were surprised by the sight of the keys and all scrambled to take the keys and unlock the cell door. Luke had to break up the dog pile and took the keys back and unlocked the door and the scramble started again to get out.


On deck the battle was going bad for the Indians. They were being cornered at the bow of the ship and Peter Pan was locked in a sword fight with Hook by the wheel, when the lost boys came pouring out of the cabin door. They all rushed the pirate crew to help their Indian friends. Luke paused and looked for Peter. He found him just as Hook knocked his sword from his hand. "Now I've got you Peter Pan!" boasted Hook. He had Peter pinned against the ship's wheel with no place to run.


Luke took one of the ship's belaying pins from the main mast and threw it at Hook just as he thrust his sword at Peter. Luke's throw was on target and hit Hook's sword hand, his only hand, knocking the sword out of his grip. This gave Peter the time to dive for the sword and turn the tables on Hook. "You wouldn't do old Hook in, would you boy?" plead the Captain.


At the same time the Indians and lost boys had rousted the pirate crew and made them all get into the ship's long boats.


As Peter raised his sword, to strike Hook, he hesitated for a second, giving Hook time to run and jump overboard. Luke and Peter ran to the rail to laughed at Hook as he returned to the surface. Just then everyone, especially Hook, heard a loud "tick tock" sound. "You better start swimming Hook, here comes the crock." shouted Peter Pan.


"Smeed!" screamed Hook as he started to swim. "Smeed!" he kept yelling. The pirate crew with Mr. Smeed rowed to save their Captain. Just as the crock closed in to bite Hook, Smeed hit him over the head with an oar and then pulled Hook into the long boat and the pirates rowed away.


"Hooray for Peter Pan!" yelled the lost boys as they picked up their leader onto their shoulders.


"Hold it, men!" ordered Peter. "I could not have done it without Luke's help. It was his plan that we used to rescue you!"


"Hooray for Luke" and the lost boys hoisted Luke up on their shoulders and paraded around singing. "For he's a jolly good fellow."


Later the Lost Boys and Peter, thanked the Indians for their help as they left in their canoes. Peter had put on one of Captain Hook's captain hats and started to give orders to weigh anchor and set sail. Luke asked "Where are we going?"


"Why West Hills, of course." replied Captain Pan. "Tinkerbell! Pixy dust, please!" At Peters order the tiny fairy flew about the ship raining dust over every inch of the ship. As the sails filled with the wind, the ship lifted into the air.


Luke was awakened by his mommy checking to see if all was well. "Luke, what are you doing out of bed?" she asked.


Luke looked around to find he was in the chair by the window. "Mommy, I helped Peter Pan fight the Pirates. The Indians help and we saved the lost boys from Hook! And we flew a ship back home. And . . . " "Yes, yes you had a long day with your friends, playing but its time for you to get back in bed." interrupted Luke's mom.


"No, this really happened." insisted Luke.


Just then Luke's Daddy came in the room. "What's all the noise, I have to get up by 11:00 A.M., so I need less noise."


"Look Daddy! Doesn't Peter Pan's ship sail well?" Luke said as he pointed out the window.


"Look Honey!" said Luke's Mom, as she pointed out the window too. They all watched a cloud, the shape of an old sail boat move across the sky. "I think I have seen that ship before." said Luke's Daddy.


The End.


Disclaimer: This fictional work and all the characters, except Luke, his Mommy and Daddy, are based on Disney's "Peter Pan" and are copy righted by Disney. The only compensation I received for this work, was the joy it gave my grandson, Luke and me.


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